Journey to Me is a 30 day journey back to yourself and your most authentic self.

This journey can be taken as a challenge to do yoga every day for 30 days.


Enjoy dozens of yoga classes that you can do in your own home at your own pace!

I have also included a 21-day meditation practice that you can add to your yoga journey, as yoga is not yoga without meditation.

Yin Yoga is a quiet, meditative practice targeting the deepest tissue of the body - connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, and fascia on the meridians improving flexibility.

Yin Yoga has been known to improve sleep, calm the central nervous system, balance the mind and body, increase circulation, improve joint mobility, release fascia, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Energetically, Yin Yoga improves the flow of energy, enhancing the flow of Qi in the organs we as humans tend to store emotional trauma. 

Yin Yoga removes stagnant energy so our higher self can safely decent into the body as she was created to do.

There will be dozens of prerecorded yin yoga classes here that you can do whenever it feels right.

You will be learning:

  • Dozens of Yin Yoga classes
  • Embodiment practices
  • Sound healing
  • 30 poses and their energetic and physical purpose 
  • 30 short classes for each pose
  • Meditation 
  • The eight limbs of yoga 
  • Understanding the chakras and the energetic body 
  • Pranayama breath work 
  • Mantra & Mudra 
  • Shadow work
  • Stream of consciousness journaling 
  • Automatic writing meditation
  • You will receive two workbooks that will guide you through learning these different practices.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious. - Carl Jung

Harmony is a healer and mystic and has a unique way of teaching yin yoga. She has the ability to energetically, through her words, pull from your body the energies that are no longer serving you. 

No two journeys will be the same, as we are unique expressions of the Divine that have experienced different lessons. I will share my journey here, but yours may not look the same. 

Your ability to jump in with a heart wide open, vulnerable, committed and ready for change is what will give you the best results.

Full commitment to yourself and your journey will be required of you to reap the rewards of inner peace, freedom, self-love and many, many other aspects just waiting for you to unlock the doors. The exciting part of this journey is the part of you that always longs for more and wonders what her life purpose is. 

Journey to Me can be done one of two ways.

You have the option to take the 30 day journey and allow yourself to dive deep into a 30 day transformation. During the 30 day journey, you will open up emotionally, mentally, and physically. You will find that your body has carried repressed trauma from experiences long, long ago. Sometimes we don’t even have to remember these experiences to be able to heal. What the body has been holding energetically for so long, no matter the way you take this journey, whether that be 30 days straight in a row as somewhat of a challenge, or if you just start working on it every day in a way that feels good for you, always choose what’s right for you. Don’t feel like you have to do this perfectly in 30 days - my 30 day journey was quite impactful and was every day for 30 days. This is why I challenge you to try doing the journey in 30 days.

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