The way of The Witch Course is a year and a day path to becoming an intitiated Witch. In the covens of old the initiates would go through a intitiation process that took a year and day ensuring the intitiate was compleltely adept in the craft.

This course sends you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, wholeness, spirituality, and witchcraft.

Answer the call to awaken the Divine feminine within and be of service to ourselves and our sisters

while aligning with the Goddess in the most authentic way.

A witch has the spirit of a healer and a leader. But first we must do the work to heal the Witch Wound –

the culmination of stored ancestral trauma as a result of incarnating into a patriarchal society. In ancient

times, witches were born into a lineage or birthright of being a Priestess. In modern times, we chose to

be a Priestess. As a solitary, eclectic witch, I realize there is a need for witches to eschew the organized

doctrine of Wicca and to talke the path of a priestess as a sovereign, autonomous being. Healing the

Witch Wound enables you the power to recognize and integrate your wounds in a healthy way while

reclaiming your power as a witch.

The Way of the Witch

In The Way of The Witch you will step onto the path of discovering the healer within. You will learn what it means to be a modern-day priestess through connecting to your body, the Earth Mother and Divine Mother. There will be six cauldrons with six classes in each for you to discover how living in in a patriarchal society has programmed you into thinking the very gifts that were meant to empower you, were manipulated, and used to disempower us all. Through this path you will reclaim all your feminine gifts that have always existed within you. Level one is a path of deep inner healing. We all hold the power within us to heal all of what came before, we only needed a little guidance.

The Earth Cauldron- Connect to the earth and to your body by learning body code mapping, a new spin on the wheel of the year, working with plants, and learning how to stock your magickal cabinet.

The Goddess Cauldron - Learn to connect with a Divine Mother. Connect to the goddesses and Divine feminine through a deep understanding about the women who came before us as witches and priestesses. Learn to cast a circle of empowerment and altar making.

The Inner Child Cauldron - Heal our core wounds. We all have wounds because of societal conditioning. Learn to work with your mother and father wounds through your own personal astrology chart. See how your astrology reflects these challenges and the gifts that can come from being aware of them.

The Womb Healing Cauldron - A deep dive into reclaiming our womb space. Learn the beginning steps to clear the wounding of our own lives as well as the wounding we have carried in through our blood lines. By understanding the gateways to the womb and the initiation steps you will begin to manifest thelife you desire.

The Elemental Magick Cauldron- Connect to the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit through spells, rituals, and activations. Learn rituals for the moon phases and how to make moon water.

The Divination & Channeling Cauldron - Open up to psychic gifts and the ability to connect with spirit through practices that ignite your psychic senses. At the end of level one you will receive North Star Blessing.

If you have, then know that what you are seeking is seeking you, and that draw to these feminine masters is your call to the Ways of the Witch.

Collective Consciousness is Shifting If you want to make a difference in the shifting and expanding world we live in or to deepen your healing journey, refine, or learn new skills to broaden the scope of what you’ve previously learned on social media or in books, you are on the right path. Follow the Way of the Witch. Let’s do this together!

Rose Witchery

The Way of The Rose is new level of spiritual maturity is developed within level two! This level is

activation heavy, with guided meditation, activation steps, ritual, and ceremony. The rose is a

messenger, sit in a garden of roses for any length of time and you will begin to hear the gentle whispers

of the rose. The teachings of the Rose will take you from being the Healer to the Healer and Creatrix of your own life!

Each Color of the Rose carries a frequency of wisdom and healing as a gift from the Divine Mother.

You will enter the The Golden Rose Spiral where Goddess Isis will be your guide to understanding all the hidden gifts you came into this life with that you may deny exists within you, as these gifts are hidden within the golden shadow.

The Black Rose Spiral where Lillith will be your guide to learning about how feminine sexuality gifts have been oppressed through patriarchy. Learn what gift are hidden in the darkness through shadow

work and ancestral healing.

The White Rose Spiral is where Mother Mary will be your guide to reclaiming your innocence and divinity. Connect to the Goddess, The Divine Mother of ALL Life and find her essence within you.

The Red Rose Spiral is where Mary Magdelene will be your guide to healing the womb, the witch wound and awakening to the power feminine sexuality holds through embodiment of transcendent energy. Discover how sexual energy holds the power to awakening the oracle of your womb space and

psychic gifts.

The Pink Rose Spiral is where Quan Yin will be your guide to self-love and compassion through honoring the inner child. You will learn how to release all the trauma glue holding your heart chakra closed and awaken to your true power to serve humanity through opening your heart.

Witch of the Moon

You will learn to work with each of thirteen new moons. You will learn to honor the thirteen moons through ceremony and ritual. By honoring the thirteen moons you will learn how to honor each season. You will also learn about all 8 phases of the moon and how to weave each into your craft.

You will learn the best days of the week to do magick, the planets and energies that rule them and how to utilize them in your craft!

Embodying the Healer, Creatrix and Teacher Archetype will allow you to move into the fullness of who you are as the Tripple Goddess. No longer fragmenting yourself to fit into society.

"I am excited to share some ancient wisdom and all the ways I believe being a twentieth-century Priestess/Witch is different than what we find when we google search Priestess."

This is about the ancient call within all women to come home to the magic of the natural world and the art of alchemy.

If you've had this feeling or pull to learn how to connect with the moon and all the beautiful plants in nature, or if you know there is more to you than meets the eye.

A power that lies deep within that has been stuck or a little fearful of coming out of you.

Maybe it even feels a little scary to use the word witch as an identity but you want to do the spells and learn to make medicine with plants and you just want to dive deeper into what it means to be a modern-day priestess/witchy woman?


The Witch Wound

Most women outwardly fear being looked at as a witch and even use this word in a derogatory context, calling those we don't like a WITCH. Choose your word, witch or preistess, they are one in the same. It is the the holy part of you longing for more. That part of you longing for more is the part feminnine part of you that has been repressed becasue we had to be masculine dominat to survive, our ancestiors had to be and so they taught us to be the same. Women were killed for being what they called being a witch, this meant embodying your feminine essence, as an oracle, healer, herbalist, maybe even following the old pagan ways along with many other natural feminine gifts. Rose Priestess focuses on the embodiemnt of the feminine through the teachings of the rose.

If you feel the call to serve the divine feminine awakening in humanity the Priestess of the Rose is a path that will allow you to heal the witch wound in yourself and others by recieving the 13th Rite of the Womb. In Priestess of the Rose you will be taught to share this womb healing ceremony orginally brought to the U.S by Marcella Lobos with the intent of it being shared.

You see the modern-day Priestesses are witches. They are the healers, leaders, teachers, spiritual guides, and medicine women of the twenty-first century and age of Aquarius that this planet had long been waiting for! Now is your time and this is the place to reclaim our inherited birthrights we have as women to create, manifest, heal and bless life with the gifts of our loving earth mother, to own our bodies and the magical abilities we hold in our womb space and throat chakra!

  • Ceremony & Ritual
  • Work with Isis, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Lilith, and Mary Magdalene
  • How to altar consciousness
  • Isis as She of Ten Thousand Spells
  • Initiations
  • Connect to the Goddess/Divine Mother
  • Cosmic Balance
  • Past life exploration
  • White Rose Teachings
  • Black Rose Teachings
  • Pink Rose Teachings
  • Red Rose Teachings
  • Golden Rose teachings
  • Shadow work
  • Feminine embodiment
  • Ancestral healing Receive and learn to offer The 13th Rite of the Womb
  • Learn to work with the Rose
  • Altar making
  • How to Annoint
  • Womb healing
  • Self Love
  • Activations to awaken Kundalini
  • Creating sacred Space
  • Energetic Alignment
  • Embodiment
  • Voice Activations
  • Water ceremony
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Personal Astrological Golden Rose Gifts

  • Womb healing
  • Channeling
  • Divination
  • Creating sacred Space
  • Energetic alignment
  • Embodiment
  • Voice Activations
  • Circle Casting
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Earth & Nature Connection
  • Lunar Living
  • Energetic healing techniques 
  • Discover your Golden Shadow
  • Discover your Black Moon Lilith Powers through your personal astrolgy
  • Mantra
  • Activations
  • Water Blessing
  • Annointing
  • Past life exploration
  • Awaken your Ka Body
  • Learn to heal yourself
  • Shadow work
  • Feminine embodiment
  • Ancestral healing
  • Learn to work with the Rose and all her colors
  • Connectct to the Priestess of ancient times, Isis, Magdalene, Lilith and more
  • Crystaline Activations
  • Priestess of The Rose Certification

Example Curriculum

  Welcome to The Way of The Witch
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  Earth Cauldron
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  Goddess Cauldron
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  Inner Child Cauldron
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  Womb Healing Cauldron
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  Elemental Magick Cauldron
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  Channeling & Divination Cauldron
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Available in days
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  8 Moon Phases For Weaving Magick
Available in days
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  13 New Moons
Available in days
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  Golden Rose & Black Rose Spiral
Available in days
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  White Rose Spiral
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  Pink Rose Spiral
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Red Rose Spiral
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days after you enroll


My time spent with Harmony has been a life changing experience. I had the honor of attending one of her retreats in Sedona that will forever impact me on my spiritual journey. You cannot only see, but feel the healing energy Harmony has to give, and the love she has for people in the healing work she does. I am forever grateful for her friendship and mentorship.

-Shannon Campbell

I Just did the first class today and I literally cried halfway through it because I had forgotten how in touch I can be with my own body. I’ve been struggling with hating my body for so long and during the practice I could feel my body and soul comforting me as if something in me had been trying to reach me all along. It was such an amazing experience. Harmony’s guided mediations are so amazing. I finally made time for myself and its insane how much my body needed this. My whole body feels so much more like home!

- Geena Tabler

Harmony is a witch with a beautiful soul and powerful transformation magic which she uses to help other women on their journey into owning their own strength and power as a woman; as a witch; as a wild woman; as divine. During retreat Harmony facilitated circles, performed activations, and lead rituals. These activities helped each woman attending release the silent, hidden, painful things that often keep us, as women, from being our 100% authentic self. This sacred space Harmony created and held for us was powerful and created a tight bond between the 13 women attending. My life is forever changed for the better. 

- Jennifer Cunning

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